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Emergency Childcare Provision

Emergency Childcare Provision for the Families of Key Workers

Dear Parents / Carers who are KEY WORKERS,

Thank you once again for working with us during this unique time.

We have been working with other special schools to develop a sustainable model for partial opening in order to deliver ‘emergency childcare’ to the families of key workers. We now believe that we have a short term, workable solution, which we wish to operate from this week. If successful then we can, in time, broaden the offer to include other children.

Up to this point you have all followed the government guidance – the health and welfare of your vulnerable child and your family are best supported by staying home. We do though understand that some parents work in jobs which are now considered essential in the fight against Covid-19.

If you are a parent in this situation and if you have no support to enable your child to remain at home, where they are safest, then we may be able to offer some ‘emergency childcare’.

This is highly unlikely to be for the full school day or every school day, it will be reliant on us being able to match available staff with your child and on us being able to satisfactorily clean our site and having the resources necessary to protect staff.

We will not be operating any on-site provision over the Easter 2 week break.

You will also need to be in a position to be able to take your child to and from school and possibly provide a packed lunch, as we no longer have our catering service available.

To provide emergency childcare in this context, my staff will also need to be as safe as possible, they will be coming to school when the best thing for them and their families will be to remain home and therefore they too risk spreading the coronavirus further. You must be aware also that pupils and staff who are part of direct delivery may also be carriers or asymptomatic. So please think very carefully about whether you need emergency childcare. I know as key workers you know all of this already, as you too will face the same and often greater risks if you return to work – we all appreciate the contribution you are trying to make too.

If your employer can usefully use your skills to help in the government’s efforts to reduce the impact of Covid-19 and you have no other way of keeping your child at home then please email

Once we have a list of these pupils then we will be in touch with you to: 

1)      See proof of employment (e.g. an ID badge)

2)      Carry out a joint risk assessment as part of the government guidelines

In the meantime please be reassured that we will continue to be in contact with you and be sharing ideas for activities for you to implement at home.

Best wishes,