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Kingsweston School

Welcome to Post 16

   Kingsweston Post 16 provision caters for 16-19-year olds and is based at our Napier Miles site. We benefit from, a sixth form common room, food tech facilities, gardening facilities and an onsite independent life skills room.

Our aim is to provide a functional and creative Post 16 curriculum that ensures our young people (aged 16 – 19 years) are confident with keeping themselves safe and can live a fulfilling life. It is driven by connecting the student’s strengths, needs and individual learning pathways so that they can overcome problems and build resilience and confidence. One of our core goals is to empower our young people so that when they leave Kingsweston, they have a student voice, a way to communicate and some independence and life skills. We encourage and support our young people to make personal choices and promote decision-making through real life learning and access to knowledge about their future options.  Through breaking down barriers, we prepare students for their preferred transitional pathway for life beyond Kingsweston School so they are confident in fulfilling their potential. We support pupils with their transitions to different placements after their time at Kingsweston Post 16 so that they can be successful, confident and happy when they leave us.

At Kingsweston we acknowledge the significance of working closely with parents/carers, and the team that supports our young people. This includes the Pathways 2 Independence team, Preparation for Adulthood team, social care, and health services.  This ensures that transitions into adult services are bespoke, carefully planned and supported. The pupils voice is central to what we do at Kingsweston School, with a clear focus on preparing them for their journey into adulthood.



Emma Collins

Post 16 and Careers Lead