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Kingsweston School


Federation of Claremont and Kingsweston Schools

As you may be aware both Governing Bodies have been exploring the merit of sharing governance of our schools. A consultation on proposals was undertaken throughout Term 2 with parents and staff.

Both Governing Bodies met on Tuesday 10 January 2023 to decide on the way forward. A background paper (please see here) reporting on the consultation and presenting points to inform our decision was carefully considered. 

Claremont School Governing Body made a unanimous decision that it was in the best interests of the school to federate governance and senior staffing with Kingsweston School.  The federation will come into effect on 1 February 2023.

In the federation there will be one governing body to oversee both schools, defining strategy, monitoring outcomes and being financially accountable. 

Each school will continue to operate separately, retaining their name and separate identity. Senior leadership would be shared across the two schools in a similar way to what is happening currently.

There are expected to be minimal staff changes below senior leadership as a result of the governing bodies federating together. There is also expected to be no disruption for children, who will continue to go to their current school and setting, with the same staff supporting them.


Graham Symonds, Chair, Claremont School Governing Body

Peter Searle-Barnes, Chair, Kingsweston School Governing Body