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Kingsweston School

Curriculum Overview

At Kingsweston School the curriculum is both inclusive and ambitious. It is delivered across multiple key stages from EYFS through to Post-16. Our students work within a large range of attainment levels and many present with numerous barriers to learning. 

Our curriculum is designed to enable all students to access learning and overcome whatever barriers may present through our core curriculum values of Creativity, Connectedness, Nurture, and Empowerment.  

Curriculum Intent

At Kingsweston School…

We have a personalised, ambitious curriculum that entices curiosity and develops skills for life.

We promote a sense of identity and belonging to our school, local and wider community. 

We support our learners to flourish into healthy and resilient individuals.

We champion independence and self-advocacy so the learner's voice is heard and respected.

We achieve this through our values of…






Our curriculum is organised into three pathways that enable us to carefully tailor our subject specific learning to our students' needs. 

Kingsweston Pathways

Personalised Learning

All students at Kingsweston are set Personal Learning Outcomes (PLOs). PLOs are the incremental steps towards achieving their short term and long term EHCP outcomes.  Formative assessment is used to regularly monitor progress towards each students' PLOs to ensure each outcome is achievable, yet challenging

 For students in KS4 and Post-16, their PLOs are based on their Preparation for Adulthood outcomes. 

 Thematic Curriculum

We run a cycle of whole school themes that provides broad curriculum coverage, promotes curiosity and creativity, and facilitates enrichment opportunities for our students across all areas of the curriculum. 

Further Curriculum Information: