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Kingsweston School

Curriculum Information

All aspects of our curriculum follow the Preparing for Adulthood outcomes, as set out by the Department for Education:



Education and Employment

We support our pupils with developing work-related skills and expose them to different termly job sector work environments: horticulture; hospitality, retail and catering; sports, leisure and recreation; voluntary and community; animal care; science and technology. E.g. For our gardening vocational theme, students work at the local garden nursery for their weekly work experience. There are also many work experiences that takes place on site. E.g. recycling, office work, gardening etc.  

We accredit learning through nationally recognised awarding bodies such as ASDAN and OCR. ASDAN literacy and numeracy life skills challenges are linked to the termly vocational themes to contextualise learning for our students. We encourage our students to apply their skills within a range of varied vocational settings, making the application process meaningful for the individual. We also deliver ASDAN Personal Progress accreditation that links with our vocational themes and other bespoke accreditation that connect with the student’s needs and supports their future pathway.

We strive to ensure that all students leave Kingsweston Post 16 with a portfolio of qualifications that demonstrates their achievements, and skills during their time with us.  We are a Duke of Edinburgh licenced organisation and many of our Post 16 students work towards completing their Bronze and Silver Awards.



Community Inclusion

We encourage our students to connect with the local and wider community, so they can contribute and achieve a sense of belonging. Students access a range of facilities in their community which link with the termly vocational theme. E.g. gardening/horticulture – students visit different garden centres and gardens.



Independent Living

We aim to develop the student’s independent skills through supporting travel training, road safety and home management. We also support our students to access facilities within their local community on a weekly basis. Furthermore, we promote enterprise skills and run a Kingsweston onsite shop as well as a tuck shop every Friday. Post 16 students are also very actively involved with helping to support school events. E.g. Macmillan Cake sale.




We encourage and support our pupils to make healthy choices and adopt a healthy life style. Self- care is also a focus in Post 16. We have a daily hygiene session and students have their own toilet bag so they can clean their teeth, wash their face and put deodorant on. Students are also encouraged to know when and how to seek emergency medical help e.g. 111/999; To know how to access adulthood health services and know about what health professionals do; To recognise feelings when I am in pain or feeling unwell and to know who to tell.

 See below for our Post-16 Curriculum Overview: