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Kingsweston School


At Kingsweston, we use assessment in a number of different ways: 

- Our teachers use formative assessment to inform their planning and ensure learning achievable and challenging for each student.

 - We use assessment to track students' progress in core areas of learning to ensure a high level / rate of progress throughout the year. 

- We use assessment data to inform next steps for our students.

- We use assessment data to evaluate the impact of our curriculum. 

At Kingsweston, we use a range of bespoke assessment tools; specifically designed to capture progress of students with a wide range of special educational needs. 

  We take a holistic view of students' individualised progress based on a range of assessment indicators with the aim of capturing progress in all areas of development: Academic, social & emotional, and personal development. 

Here is an example of an individual students' holistic assessment profile:


This outlines a students' progress in all areas taken from our bespoke assessment trackers for English, Maths and EHCP outcomes. As well as the students' ongoing THRIVE assessments and data from our behaviour/incident recording system. For some pupils this may also include phonics assessments, areas of the EYFS framework, and progress towards accreditations.