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Whole School & Contact Information

Welcome to our website which we hope serves to give you an introduction to our school, our values and what we have to offer.

Kingsweston is an above average sized special school primarily serving Bristol pupils. We cater for children and young people with a wide range of needs, including Asperger’s and Autism, Severe Learning Difficulties and complex needs. All of our pupils have a statement of special educational needs.

We have a number of key partners with whom we work to make the best provision we can. Three of our four sites are co-located with mainstream schools –  Shirehampton Primary School, Oasis Academy Brightstowe (secondary) and the Ashley Down site of the City of Bristol College. We also have a base at Napier Miles Road.

These partnerships enable us to make meaningful links between mainstream contexts and our specialist environments that enrich the provision on offer to everyone and support the challenge and, as appropriate, the range of accreditation opportunities available to our pupils.

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Kingsweston is home to a 'Team Around the Family'. This team works in a co-ordinated way and in partnership with the school to ensure that the holistic needs of all pupils are supported. These services are integral to our planning of provision and the delivery of a wide ranging service to children, young people and their families, particularly when support is needed through difficult and challenging times.

A website can only give a flavour of our diverse school community. If you’d like to discover more then please get in touch with us.



Napier Miles site: Napier Miles Road, Kingsweston, Bristol. BS11 0UT.  Tel 0117 9030400

Shirehampton site: St. Mary’s Walk, Shirehampton, Bristol. BS11 9RR. Tel: 0117 3533511

Brightstowe site: Penpole Lane, Shirehampton, Bristol. BS11 0EB. Tel: 0117 3532565

Ashley Down site: Ashley Down Road, Bristol. BS7 9BU. Tel: 0117 3125000 or 07927401226