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We have an electronic system for staff and visitors signing in and out on the Napier Miles site. We have a record and photo of all visitors who are on site, and by issuing different colour lanyards for visitors, staff can quickly see which visitors we have DBS check information for, and which visitors where we don’t hold this information.

When a visitor signs in, and we have previously confirmed they have a DBS certificate – Reception will issue a Green Lanyard. 

When a visitor signs in, and we have been unable to confirm they have a DBS certificate in advance of their visit  – Reception will issue a Red Lanyard.  These individuals may well have DBS certificate, but unless we actually have the details then we have to class them as “Red”.  These visitors aren't allowed to work with pupils unsupervised or move around the site unescorted.  Any visitor with a Red lanyard remains the responsibility of their host during their visit. 

Visitor:  DBS Cleared – Green Lanyard
Visitor: No DBS – Red Lanyard



This lanyard system is also in place at our Shirehampton and Brightstowe sites.

When visitors arrive they are requested to read our 'Safeguarding and Health and Safety information for all Visitors' leaflet. This can be viewed below: