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Useful Information

Times of the day

Students arrive to start lessons 9:00am
Morning break times vary but are generally mid-morning
Lunchtimes 12:45pm - 13:30pm
Varies Generally
End of the day From 3pm onwards the students have personal time and staff deal with issues and complete diaries. 
Students leave the class to start their journey home 3.25pm





The lessons are varied and include Maths, English, Drama, Social Studies, Art, Humanities, Cooking, Volunteer Work, Gardening, ICT and the study of an agreed personal project connected with students' future ambitions. 



There is no Unifom as students are attending a College. 

Students are expected to wear general everyday clothing that is presentable and clean.  The clothing should be a positive expression of the students, so that they are seen at their best by the other College users.


Every week we visit a local gym. Students should have appropriate sports-wear (top, shorts/tracksuit bottoms, socks and pants) a change of trainers to workout in, a change of socks and pants to change into after the workout. At present, it costs £2.50 per session.The students follow guided routines for a minimum of 20 minutes of stamina training and a further 20 minutes minimum of strength training.  


We all eat in the main College canteen which can be a very busy environment. Staff monitor the students during this time. 

At present those receiving free school meals get a voucher, worth £2.50. Although this will buy enough to eat many students choose to supplement it with their own money. There is a water fountain where water bottles can be filled from. 

The food in the Canteen varies in price and ranges from hot food, soups and salads to sandwiches, crisps and soft drinks. We promote making healthy choices, recognising that diet is a big factor in concentration, capacity to cope and overall wellbeing. 

There is also a local Co-op next to the College that students, whose Parent/Carers agree, can access at appropriate times. 

We expect students not to drink 'energy drinks' or excessive amounts of sugary food because these can have such a negative impact on those that drink or eat them in lessons and, therefore effect their classmates too!


At present the weekly costs are at £10, minimum.  This breaks down to £2.50 for the gym, £2.50 for the cooking session and £5 as part of community access (a weekly off-site session which includes students taking the morning break in a Café.  This is part of their social development and they would be expected to buy something in the Café.  (They would not be allowed to eat or drink food they might have with them) 


Please apply for a travel card from the Council. We use public transport and not school mini buses to access the community. At present it costs £1.20 with a Student card for a single journey. That goes up to £1.70 without a Student card. Students will be expected to cover these costs as part of the class sessions. 

If you get a travel card, public bus travel is FREE. This link will take you to the form for you to print out/download .

If students are unable to travel independently, The Brandon Trust has a Travel Buddy Scheme which offers 1:1 support to walk or use public transport with a view to future independent travel.

You can also apply to Bristol City Council’s Home To College Travel Team for help with travel costs- you need to complete post 16 application form (normally an annual contribution of £380.70 is expected towards costs) once a College place has been offered. 

Students who are unable to travel independently usually use Accessible Transport 4U. The charity’s Wheels to Learn Project provides a door-to door service in minibuses and cars. You need to pay to register and a mileage rate will be charged. You will be invoiced monthly.  The service is happy to provide quotes.