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School Organisation

All of our Early Years and Key Stage 1 provision is made at the Napier Miles site. As pupils approach the end of Key Stage 1 then a decision will be made about the kind of curriculum that will best serve their needs in Key Stage 2. This decision making process will involve parents/carers. A key factor will be the best curriculum match
Those Key Stage 2 pupils who have been identified as being on the autism spectrum and whose learning is best matched to a formal curriculum (or who will be accessing this curriculum by the end of the Key Stage) will be best served by the opportunities at the Shirehampton site. This means that some pupils may transfer to this setting from the Napier Miles site at the end of Key Stage 1. Other pupils will join the school during Key Stage 2 and so Shirehampton will be their starting point within the school.




The end of Key stage 2 is an especially significant point in a child’s education. It’s an opportunity to reflect on learning to date and priorities going forward. Although the vast majority of pupils will already have been placed on their most appropriate curriculum pathway, for a small number there may be pathway change at this time. There are two such pathways for Key Stage 3 and 4 provision:

  • Those whose learning is a match to the pre or semi-formal curriculum models will  have EHCPs indicating that their needs can be met in a setting that specialises in working with young people who have severe learning difficulties. Their learning abilities and needs will be a positive match to the curriculum at our Napier Miles site.
  • Those who have been identified as being on the autism spectrum and whose learning is best matched to a more formal curriculum will move onto Key Stage 3 and 4 provision at our Brightstowe site. From here they will be able to engage in Entry Level and potentially GCSE accreditation pathways. 

At the end of Key Stage 4 many pupils move on to life beyond school, most often onto next steps in their education. However, we do have a small number of Key Stage 5 places at the Napier Miles site and at a class base at Ashley Down Centre (within the City of Bristol College).

 reading books in the library

Pupils generally attend the Ashley Down class for one or two years to help them continue to learn basic academic skills and also to focus on life and social skills to ready them for moving into a college environment.