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At Kingsweston, the safety and welfare of our pupils takes absolute priority. All our staff members are trained, at least, annually in safeguarding practices ensuring their knowledge is up-to-date.

We believe that in order to support pupils to achieve the best possible outcomes we need to work closely with families and Multi-Agency colleagues to create bespoke provision.

We recognise that a readiness to engage and learn is dependent upon a number of fundamental building blocks. This has informed the development of a within-school matrix of shared responsibilities which seek to address and build upon these fundamental needs.

Kingsweston is a Team Teach School. Our staff are trained in the de-escalation of challenging behaviours and use these skills to keep our pupils safe.

We have a designated Safeguarding contact who is Emma Richards (interim DSL) who oversees safeguarding across Kingsweston. Each Kingsweston site has a DDSL who work as a team to keep all pupils at Kingsweston safe and well.

Additionally, we have 2 pupil mentors in the Keep and SLD who support pupils and staff.  They support staff to improve engagement as well as staying safe working with pupils who need extra intervention.

Evidence of the impact of the role include:

  • There is a strong safeguarding ethos throughout all school sites, as a consequence of which pupils are made to feel safe.
  • The role/impact of the safeguarding lead supported the identification of the need for further support, supporting the development of the 'Team around the Child.'
  • After a tricky period, a parent fed back that the intervention of the school, although difficult at the time, led to an improved relationship with their child and the motivation to make changes in their own life.
  • The school has consistently good and well above average attendance, with effective systems and support in place if a pupil doesn’t attend.
  • Signposting and supporting initial access to other specialist organisations, especially to targeted families, leads to a good level of awareness amongst families of the city wide support available to them.