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Pupil Placements in Kingsweston

Pupil placements and movement within Kingsweston School

We are a large and diverse school community operating across three different school locations all located within a couple of miles (at most) of one another. 

We endeavour to make provision based on the best available match between the needs identified in the EHCP, the academic levels at which the pupil is operating, the size and nature of the peer group available at a given location, the curriculum (including opportunities for inclusion) and the accreditation opportunities available at each of our sites.

Of course spaces also need to be available in order that any subsequent placement doesn’t have a negative impact upon the quality of provision available to all. These factors will always be looked at on an individual pupil basis and parents’ / carers’ views will be taken into account. In general terms the following principles apply:

Shirehampton pupils are Key Stage 2 and will have an EHCP that includes confirmation of an autistic spectrum condition. They are likely to be operating within early National Curriculum descriptors by the end of their time at the site. When they reach the end of Key Stage 2 they are likely to be able to benefit from the inclusion and accreditation opportunities afforded by the Kingsweston secondary provision made at the Brightstowe site.

Brightstowe pupils will have an EHCP that includes confirmation of an autistic spectrum condition. They are able to meet the academic requirements of a number of Entry Level and GCSE courses with support. They may be able to access supported placements within mainstream lessons.

Napier Miles Primary and Secondary pupils are likely to be operating pre-National Curriculum for their school careers.

They are likely to be able to benefit from the varied accreditation opportunities that exist as well as the vocational elements.


The outlines above provide an overview of the key factors on which placements within Kingsweston will be determined. However there are other elements which will have a bearing on placements. 

We understand that pupil progress is rarely uniform and reliably predictable (especially for the younger pupils) and so we will use our ongoing assessment processes to review where provision can best be made. No decisions to change a placement would be made without consulting parents/carers through the Annual Review process.

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