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Our Community

Community values

As a large school based upon multiple co-located sites and serving a community across the city of Bristol and neighbouring authorities Kingsweston has many partners with whom we engage.  We know that the interaction between our school and our various community members enhances the educational outcomes for the young people. It also builds the role of our school as a contributor to the vitality of the community.

Our community provides a context in which learning can be applied and generalised.  Using “real world” examples strengthens our curriculum, our teaching of British values, and the involvement of pupils in the community enhances their broader knowledge and confidence. Our co-located settings offer opportunities, as appropriate and possible, for social inclusion and links to a diverse academic accreditation portfolio. As a result our links involve integrated learning with the community where a community context adds to educational outcomes. We believe that having experience with communities as part of the school curriculum can help pupils become more effective citizens as young people and as future contributors to society.

The meaning of community from the perspective of our pupils varies enormously. For some their engagement with and understanding of community is about the space they occupy and the people most familiar to them. For others community is about family, friends and a range of familiar places and people. Our most able pupils understand their locality and its position in a national and international context. Our curriculum reflects this diversity of starting points.

Common to all pupils whatever their starting point is the significance of parents/carers and family. As such parents and carers are a key priority for us and the tabs to the left provide information about our aspirations and practice.