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Could you help your school by joining us on the governing body? 

The new Governance Federation of Claremont and Kingsweston Schools has spaces for two parents/carers of current students at either school.  We really hope that someone can come forward as we would really value your input. We are sure you could make a valuable contribution to enhance our work. 

If you would like more details then please contact one of us through the school and we can talk to you about the role.  Nominations close on Friday 24 February as we would like to have parent involvement as soon as possible in the life of the new governing body.

What does the governing body do?

In broad terms the purpose of the governing body is steer the strategic direction of the school, working in partnership with the Headteacher and the Leadership team, to support and challenge the school, and to ensure a sound financial framework - all while being aware of the needs and viewpoints of all stakeholders – the children, parents, staff, the local community, the local SEND community, the City Council and others. 

As a governor you could expect to be involved in the overall work of the board plus making a contribution to specific areas in which you have experience or that interest you – such as the curriculum, safeguarding, well-being or site matters.  A commitment is needed, mostly through the time that is needed to prepare for and attend meetings – sometimes virtually, sometimes in school, some in the day and some after the working day at 5.30-7.30pm for Full Governing Body meetings.

What will I get out of being a governor?

You will find out more about how the schools run and how they educate and support your child and all children. All schools are always seeking further improvement and you can play a part in shaping this for our children. Being a governor is a fulfilling role in the local community. If you are seeking skills for personal development then being a governor can provide experience in working on a committee or in working with professionals in, for example, finance and staffing matters that might be useful .

Do I have to represent the views of all parents?

No, a parent governor joins the governing body to express the typical views of a parent.

Who are the other governors?

We come from a variety of backgrounds, with different experiences and interests. The wider the range the stronger and more representative we can be as a body.

When does the appointment start and how long is it for?

The normal period of office is 4 years. If you wish to leave before this period then you may resign at any time.

Is there training available?

Yes, induction training is available and a huge range of other courses.

How does the process work?

Any parent/carer can express a wish to join the governing body.  If we receive more than two applicants then an election will be held.

To apply, please nominate yourself to our clerk, by Friday 24 February.

Peter Searle-Barnes, Kingsweston School