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The Senior Leadership Team

Includes the Headteacher, the Deputy Headteacher, three Assistant Headteachers, the Quality of Education Lead, and the School Business Manager. 

This group collectively takes responsibility, together with the governing body, for the strategic direction of the school, ensuring high quality learning and achievement. 

The Headteacher: Jo Hill has overall responsibility for the various Kingsweston provisions and standards, taking specific responsibility for vision and ethos, self-evaluation, long term strategic planning and staffing. 

The Deputy Headteacher: Antony Blackmore leads learning and teaching, curriculum and assessment across all sites. He has whole school responsibility for pupil safety, wellbeing and behaviour and is responsible for the KEEP provision.  

Assistant Headteachers: lead each of the Kingsweston School sites have responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of pupils, and ensuring high quality educational provision their pupils including specific curriculum arrangements and quality of teaching and learning. 

Sara Wright - Assistant Head based at KWS Shirehampton 

Jordan Bool- Assistant Head based at KWS Brightstowe

Becky Bardsley- Assistant Head based at KWS Napier Miles 


Quality of Education Lead:

The KEEP Quality of Education Lead, has responsibility for the operational management of The KEEP provision and works alongside the Assistant Heads in order to drive curriculum development, pupil engagement and progress across their strands.

Lucy James- Quality of Education Lead


The Senior Leadership Team are supported by the extended leadership team that includes our SENCO and Estates Manager, and key senior teachers.

 School Business Manager: Ellie Maby leads on financial planning and managing the budget, supporting the funding of the development priorities and securing best value for the school.