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Getting Ready to Leave School?

We are fortunate to have a Transition Support member of staff, Kat Waller. A post that reflects our values and understanding of the challenge that times of transition can represent to young people and their families. 

Transitions Events. There were many post school providers and services represented at our very successful transition events.

Feedback from parents included:

  • A very informative and relaxed event. Plenty of time to talk to all of the providers.
  • Another hour would have been good as did not have time to talk to everyone I would have liked to.
  • An excellent event. Parents able to see on-going support and options for their children at all levels.
  • Well organised. Lots of reminders sent. Good to have everything in one place.
  • Details of benefits would be helpful.
  • This was a fantastic event-it has really put my mind at rest knowing that there are so many options for support post college. I also thought it was a great idea to let the students attend as it is all about them!
  • When I attended last year it was overwhelming - I had no idea what to expect, what services are out  there, how many things I had to consider for my son's future. Because last year was an introduction, this year I was able to be much more directed in who I spoke to, and much more prepared about what questions to ask of different providers. I am looking forward to next year's event, when we are really going to be on the verge of making choices with my son about the next steps and I will be able to be even more directed as I will (hopefully) know exactly what questions to ask.

Findability is all about Bristol's Local Offer and what's out there for disabled young, those with special educational needs and their families. They have created a useful guide 'Preparing for Adulthood'.