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Curriculum & Assessment

Our curriculum has a pupil centred approach in which every pupil is encouraged to enjoy learning, make progress and achieve. We recognise that pupils at Kingsweston have specific, diverse and individual abilities and needs and our curriculum aims to reflect these. Our curriculum intent is that  pupils are enabled to be active learners who are moving towards independence, autonomy, empowerment and are learning to effectively communicate their needs, wants, and opinions.

For our youngest pupils we use the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum as a guide to our planning. Children’s earliest experiences help to build a secure foundation for learning throughout their school years.  Therefore all our activities are planned to ensure maximum learning takes place throughout the day, whilst ongoing observations are completed to assess the learning and respond accordingly.

Beyond the EYFS the curriculum offer follows three linked pathways, either pre-formal, semi-formal or formal:


 sensory bubble tube

  •  secret gardenThe pre-formal curriculum is for pupils who have complex and profound learning difficulties; children whose learning is best met through a personalised learning approach based on the principles of communication, cognition, social and emotional development and sensory processing support. At the heart of the curriculum is learning through engagement and play.
  • The semi-formal curriculum recognises that many of our pupils have a range of complex obstacles to learning as well as learning difficulties. We meet each pupil’s needs through a personalised approach delivered through a bespoke curriculum offer appropriate for pupils identified as having a severe learning difficulty.
  • The formal curriculum is for pupils who are working at levels that can be related to National Curriculum performance expectations. This group of pupils are largely taught through individual subjects such as Maths, English and Science. At Key Stage 2 and 3 these may be grouped into thematic modules.

Our eldest students will be undertaking relevant learning from a wide range of accredited courses during Years 10 and 11 which are relevant to their needs and abilities. For those who then stay onto our sixth form there will be additional accreditation opportunities with an emphasis upon preparation for life beyond school.