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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

We aim to nurture and develop the learning capacities of all our pupils, enabling them to enjoy a good quality of life through healthy living and positive relationships with self, peers, adults and their community. We encourage our pupils to be as independent as possible and to have high aspirations and to pursue their dreams and talents. We strive to support the holistic development so that each may flourish and feel prepared for life beyond school, so experiencing the satisfaction that this brings. Whilst at Kingsweston School pupils are taught the skills and attitudes required to enable them to become as independent as they can be and to prepare for adulthood.

At Kingsweston School careers education, information, advice and guidance is considered to be very important, ensuring pupils leave with the right tools and values to help prepare them for adulthood. Governors are very committed to supporting pupil preparation for adulthood and have identified a key governor who links with the schools in this regard.

We support students to consider their future options, achieve as well as they can and decide how, as appropriate, their skills and experiences fit with opportunities in the job market. We prepare students for their preferred transitional pathway and we use a person-centred approach in our delivery method. We are fully committed to our statutory and moral obligation to provide a holistic careers service.

Our Careers Leader is Emma Collins who is based at our Brightstowe site.